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18.10.2010,, Loose Leash: Moritz Bleibtreu was raised by his mother's "liberal" and "freedom-loving"
Moritz Bleibtreu speaks frankly about his childhood and education at home. Besides liberal and freedom-loving, he is talking about "nonorthodox", "lying" and "authority". Moritz is slobbing over his mother, who was a woman, who loved challenges, but who was able to admit her faults, too.


10.10.2010,, 'Goethe muss ein Punkrocker gewesen sein'
In this short Interview, Moritz Bleibtreu is telling us about his role as the enemy of Goethe in the newest movie "Goethe!" and about his own thoughts about the german poet and his works.Furthermore he compares his often discussed role as Goebbels in the movie "Jud Süß" to his role as Albert Kestner in "Goethe!".


18.06.2010,, Price for acting for Moritz Bleibtreu
Moritz Bleibtreu won the 'price for acting' at the "Festival des deutschen Films" (Festival of the German movie) at 18th of June 2010 in Ludwigshafen and the festival director Michael Kötz complimented on him in a small speech.


Wie bitte? Abgeklopft Moritz Bleibtreu
Der Schauspieler wäre gern einmal Richard III, sagt oft "Ich liebe dich", würde Cannabis legalisieren und hat einen Turnschuh-Fetisch. Auf seinem Grabstein könnte einmal stehen: "Er hat's versucht."

Get to know Moritz in "Im Juli"
Moritz Bleibtreu in Im Juli

A wonderful love story that offers much laughter and entertainment as the audience probably can relate to the feelings of main characters. It is very lighthearted and kind. It tells a story of following your fate, finding your love, and of traveling across Europe without a penny in the pocket. In fact, it does not concentrate on love, although it is the premise of the film. You can just watch it as an adventure movie with many funny stories and situations.


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